Released March 31, 2015:

The world release of one of the most exciting

tales of the high seas,


Based on the best selling book by Jack London



Also now available: (links at top of page)

(1) Michael Wittmann: ‘A Tiger On The Loose’

(2) Adolf Galland: ‘As Though Angels Are Pushing Me Through The Air’

(3) Sail On Alabama ‘They Were The Rock Stars of Their Time’

(4) Going Back To Richmond ‘A Music Video of The Lost Cause’

(5) Christmas 1914 – ‘An Unauthorized Peace On Earth’

Our Mission Statement: We are dedicated to giving you the greatest land, sea, and air battles (and their warriors’ stories), in all of history, along with depicting their socio-economic and political struggles. We will strive to portray people in history as they truly were, and as the story truly happened, without social endorsement.

Welcome to the most unusual website for both entertainment and historical purposes on the internet, ‘Heroes in History (Movies)’… Your host is Robert Lloyd (producer-director-screenwriter-songwriter) and he will be introducing you to movies in history… but, but, but, in audio form. Shall we say an ‘audio’ movie?

What is an ‘audio’ movie? An audio movie might best be described when thinking back to radio in the 1930′s. Television had yet to be developed and people had a radio in the central part of their home that was the only mode of entertainment. Thus radio created their version of ‘audio’ movies with some of the old time favorite shows such as Amos and Andy, the War of the Worlds, Texaco Star Theatre, Fibber McGee and Molly, etc…

There is a difference, however, from then and up till now with our technical advancements. Robert Lloyd has taken the idea of using audio as a substitute for film, thus creating the ‘visual’ in someone’s mind via an excellent actor’s voice and a plethora of now available digital sounds. We are now capable of producing unlimited audio imagery for the re-creation of our story’s environment. The advantage is that the human mind creates images greater than any animation created by Hollywood. We want to use this innate human ability and use it to entertain and to maybe even educate. YOUR imagination is thus a part of this production.

With ‘Heroes In History (Movies)’ Robert Lloyd will bring you the greatest stories of the greatest people, and much of the focus (but not all) will be on modern historical events and personalities. And many of the stories will be from the side that did not necessarily win and thus not heard about fairly or factually in the mainstream media. There will be no political censorship in ‘Heroes in History (Movies)’… we promise that.

So enjoy the ‘audio’ movies and feel free to suggest upcoming shows.